Tuesday 9 September 2014

The silence is deafening

The silence is deafening.

There is something very wrong here.

Across much of the world, minority social groups are being oppressed, slaughtered or driven from their homes. In the Middle East and Africa, Christians are being driven out of the homes and places where they have lived for generations. They are being massacred in their thousands by fanatical Muslims. Women and young girls are raped and sold – even in cage lots ‒ as sex slaves, by these same fanatics. Boko Haram and the kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls is just a high profile case.

Oppression also occurs with a lesser profile. Other social groups, such as gays, are executed in Iran and jailed in Russia. Women in particular throughout the Islamic world are severely oppressed. In some places women cannot go outside without a male guardian, and they cannot drive a car, and they can be flogged if they do not wear concealing clothing. Even in Australia and other western countries, women can be segregated from men at public lectures in our universities, and sent to the back of the lecture theatre.

The silence is deafening.

The anti-capitalists, the socialist parties, the Greens, the unions and the communists who proclaim to be the great defenders of the oppressed are silent. Their silence is almost total. Almost, but not entirely. The unions, the Greens and the socialists rallied in numbers in all our capital cities to support Palestine against Israel, and to call for a boycott of Israel. The ‘left’ outnumbered any Palestinians at these rallies in support of the terrorist group Hamas, marching in the streets and chanting. Chanting “Free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea” and “Remember Khaybar oh Jews, remember Khaybar”.

The last two chants may give a clue as to why the defenders of the oppressed are silent about oppression of gays, women and Christians. They are obsessed with Israel. “From the river to the sea”  is a Hamas chant threatening the total extermination of all Jews from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean. “Remember Khaybar oh Jews, remember Khaybar” recalls the massacre of Jews by Muhammad’s army at Khaybar in 628AD. The deafening silence over the oppression of social minorities ends as soon as Israel and the Jews are involved. So are the socialist activists of the ‘left’ just anti-Semitic?

No, the core principle of the ‘left’ is the destruction of capitalism and its replacement with world-wide socialism. Because the left does not see those Muslims who carry out atrocities against women, non-Muslims and other social groups as capitalists, it supports them. And Israel is different – it is not just a nation - Israel represents democratic capitalism in a sea of chaos – and as such is to be attacked and destroyed.

There is something very wrong here.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Joining the Dots

This morning (16 June 2014) the world section of my newspaper The Australian was almost entirely about world conflicts. All of them with varying degrees of violence and savagery.
  • The lead story was about ISIS, an extremely violent group of Sunni Muslims, slaughtering captured enemy soldiers in Iraq; and fighting the Shia Muslim Iraqi government forces, who are being helped by the Shia Muslim Iranians.

  • The next news story concerned Syria, where Syrian Sunni Muslims are fighting the Shia Muslims of the Syrian government. In Syria the Sunni Muslim rebels are also fighting other Sunni Muslim rebel groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra -- What a bloody mess. Those Sunnis are supported by fighters from  Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and volunteers from various Western countries, and elsewhere. This rebel side is helped by the USA and several other countries. The Shias are supported by fighters from Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. This government side is helped by Russia and other countries.

  • Then came an item about Sunni Muslims fighting other Sunni Muslims in Pakistan. There, the Pakistani government is fighting the Taliban which is being helped by Muslims from Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

  • Followed by a brief article on Sunni Muslims killing and capturing hundreds of Christians, including girls in Nigeria.

  • The last account in the paper reported a mere 50 people killed (hardly worth mentioning) in Afghanistan, where Sunni Muslims from the Taliban are killing Sunni Muslim civilians as they tried to vote in the elections for a new president. Some 60 Taliban fighters were also apparently killed.

In sum, that is 5 conflicts in today's paper, or 5 dots  . . . . .      so is there a common thread here? These are not international conflicts because they are in effect 5 separate civil wars. The conflicts are not racial either as there are Nigerians, Libyans, Syrians, Iranians, Pakistanis all fighting for one side or another in multiple locations. Nor are the conflicts tribal. Is culture the common thread? Since culture includes shared traditions, perhaps yes, but culture also includes civilization, and a less civilized group of people at war would be hard to find, so the common thread is not really culture.

Doctrine or beliefs appears to be the common feature of those 5 conflicts. Let us put a letter to each of the 5 dots . . . . .  so 5 letters  I.  S.  L.  A.  M.  that is the common thread to this violence.

I will be honest, there was a 6th conflict in the paper: ethnic Ukranians fighting Russian Ukranians, which does not fit the above pattern. But then I did not mention the ongoing conflicts: Sunni Muslim Brotherhood fighting Sunni Egyptians; or Sunni Hamas abducting young Israelis; or the endless civil war in Somalia, where the Al-Shubaab group competes with ISIS for sheer savagery. And I omitted the civil conflicts in Algeria, Eritrea, Morocco, Yemen and Kenya, and more, which all link the dots      . . . . .  I S L A M.

ISIS fighters from Britain have vowed to launch attacks in Britain at the next general election; elsewhere other ISIS fighters have threatened more 9/11 style attacks in America. Of a more immediate nature are the rapes in Sweden, the 'grooming' of non-Muslim girls in England, the 'no-go' zones in cities throughout western Europe, and so on. Even China and Russia have ongoing conflicts with Islamists. Just join the dots. The common thread is:        I S L A M.

Should we stop all genuine refugees from Islamic conflicts coming to Australia and the West? Not necessarily, because not all refugees from Islamic countries are Muslim, and even those who are nominally Muslim are not necessarily all 'good Muslims'. Perhaps you have a Muslim friend? Your friend is a 'bad Muslim' because Islam forbids friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is the doctrine of ISLAM which is the problem, not the individual Muslim person.
However, until such time as immigrant Muslims find a way to modernise and moderate the doctrine of Islam or abandon it altogether we should not allow them to settle here. The doctrine of Islam will lead them to reject our laws and values and to cause conflict, crime and violence. Immigrants should agree to accept Australian laws, institutions and values; acknowledge the primacy of the English language, and wear clothing that does not inhibit them from finding conventional jobs.

 It is the doctrine of Islam which is so evil

Monday 14 April 2014

FGM or Female Genital Mutilation

Prevalence of FGM in Africa

File:FGM in Africa.svg

With the increase in immigration from Africa and the Middle East, Australia is seeing far more cases of the hideous practice of FGM or Female Genital Mutilation. Royal Melbourne Hospital alone is seeing 600 to 700 cases of FGM a year.

What is FGM? 

FGM or Female Genital Mutilation is defined as "all procedures involving the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia, for non-medical purposes." Often called 'female circumcision' or 'cutting'.
There are basically four types of FGM. Sometimes carried out with a local anaesthetic or under a  general anaesthetic, but commonly without any anaesthetic at all. In Egypt 25% of FGM operations use no anaesthetic.
Type 1 - Partial or total removal of the clitoris and/or the pupace.
Type 2 - As for type 1 but with the removal of the labia minora, with or without the excision of the labia majora.
Type 3 - Narrowing of the vaginal orifice by cutting and bringing together of the labia minora and/or majora, with or without the excision of the clitoris. The edges are normally sewn together which is called 'infibulation'. The sewing can be done with thread, or, in some parts of Africa, with,acacia thorns. A small orifice is left for urine and menstrual fluid to escape. As part of the 'cutting' process, this orifice may at first be kept open with a twig, or rock salt which also acts as a cauteriser.
Type 4 - Various other methods.

Where does FGM occur?

FGM is banned in many countries and extensive education is carried out to reduce FGM, but it is still a common practice.
FGM  is particularly prevalent in Africa, but also in Yemen and parts of NE Iraq. It is estimated that today over 125 million girls and women in Africa and the Middle East are 'circumcised'/'cut'. Although FGM predates Islam, the majority of (but not all) women who have undergone FGM are Muslims.
Statistics vary greatly from country to country, and among ethnic groupings within a country.
The highest number of women affected are Egyptian - 27 million, that is  91% of females in Egypt. The next highest number comes from Ethiopia, with 23.8 million, which is 74% of Ethiopian females. Then Nigeria with 20 million, or 27% of Nigerian females.
The highest percentage occurs in Somalia, where 98% (6.5 million) of females have undergone FGM, followed by Sudan where 88% (12.1 million) of females have been 'cut'. In addition, 63% of those women and girls in Somalia are infibulated, that is type 3 FGM .

How is it carried out?

In Egypt, most FGM operations (77%) are carried out by medical professionals, often at the girl's home, and a razor blade is the most commonly used instrument. In other countries, the operation is often done by backyard circumcisers using a variety of implements, ranging from scissors to a piece of glass. In Australia and the western world, FGM is done secretly because it is illegal in all western countries. Alternatively, a girl returns to her family's country of origin for the operation.
Most girls who undergo FGM are under the age of 5 years, and the rest are usually 'cut' before they are 10 years old.

Why is it done?

The most common reasons for the practice are social and cultural, and women's status. Other reasons include belief that FGM is required by religion. For example, in Egypt more than 50% of women believe their faith requires FGM. They believe there is a need to prove female virginity and therefore marriageability which reflects on the all important family honour. FGM is believed to relate to health and cleanliness which is linked to religion. Very few men or women believe that a man enjoys increased sexual pleasure with a woman who has been 'cut'.
As would be expected if a girl's mother underwent FGM, then it is more likely that her daughter will be 'cut'. While statistics vary considerably between countries, less educated people are more likely to follow the practice of FGM while wealthier, better educated people are less likely to follow the practice. However, education has more influence than wealth in reducing FGM.

Despite education from NGOs, and laws forbidding FGM, the practice is slow to decline. For example, in Egypt FGM has declined only by 2% in 10 years. However, in Kenya the practice has declined much faster. In many African countries women think FGM should continue:  82% of women in Gambia, 70% in Mali, 63% in Somalia, 55% in Egypt, down to 22% in Nigeria, 10% in Kenya and 9% in Uganda. Men's views are similar to women's views on the subject.

The health effects of FGM

The negative health effects of FGM are very significant. The figures for deaths either due to the operation or after the operation are unknown, but must be noticeable. Deaths of the mother during, or as a result of child birth are not known. The World Health Organisation estimates 10 to 20 babies per thousand die from the effects of FGM. This estimate does not mention women's pain and psychological stress when complications occur.
Problems created during the FGM procedure include haemorrhaging, septicaemia, urinary tract infections and the spread of hepatitis and HIV.
After the FGM operation the common problems are: incontinence, vaginal infections, pain during sex and menstruation, recto-vaginal fistula, the collection of blood in the uterus and infertility. With women who have undergone type 3 FGM, surgery is often required before they can have sexual intercourse. In Australia, 30 % of infibulated women require surgery before sex and childbirth, in other countries less sophisticated surgery is carried out before sexual intercourse can occur.
In Australia the effects of FGM (such as scar tissue around the vulva and reduced size of the birth canal) have led to a necessary increase in the number of caesarean births. Scarring varies from fairly minor to severe in women who have undergone type 3 FGM. An Australian gynaecologist-obstetrician observed a particularly hideous case of scarring in a woman who had undergone FGM as a child by having rock salt strapped to her vulva.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Islam does affect you

How Islam affects you

  • Islamic religious tax on foods you buy.

Common foods like Vegemite, Cadbury chocolates, Nescafe, Weet-Bix, SPC fruits, Purina cat food (of all things), and many more products are halal certified.
Have a look at that jar of vegemite in your pantry and you will see the AFIC symbol.
Certification fees are collected by halal certifying bodies such as AFIC (the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils). Where does the money go? - it goes to mosques, and from there to where?

You are paying this Islamic tax. Some abattoirs pay thousands of dollars to Islamic bodies for halal certification. For meat exported to Indonesia the charges can be as high as $27000 per month!

  • The costs and time for extra security in Australia.

If you fly, you have to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours early for security screening. This means long queues, removing your shoes and belt, carrying no more than 50mls of liquid aboard. This security is to identify terrorists, almost exclusively Islamic terrorists. You are paying for this extra security.
ASIO costs have risen 20% every year for 10 years and are now approaching half a billion dollars a year. Why? Because of "violent Jihadist ideology" according to the ASIO annual report. 10 years ago ASIO employed 500 people, now it is over 1800 people, and their new expanded office cost $631 million at last estimate. You are paying for this.

  • Health issues and costs

Islamic women have hugely disproportionate health issues compared with other Australians. Their method of dress protects them from sunlight, and as a result many Islamic women do not get enough ultra violet rays which leads to Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency causes brittle bones, increased risk of seizures in new born babies, cardiovascular diseases, Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and increased risk of cancers like breast cancer.
Their method of dress makes exercising hard, resulting in levels of obesity higher than the normal levels in Australia. Obesity is highly visible among older Muslim women.
You are paying for the costs of their increased health care.
Standard hospital dress rules used to insist on nurses having bare forearms for cleanliness and to reduce the risk of infections. This rule has been relaxed to allow Muslim nurses to wear long sleeves for their modesty where appropriate. As a medical editor said "balancing infection control measures with cultural sensitivities is challenging". Long sleeves are associated with increased risk of spreading the antibiotic resistant Staphylococcos superbugs. The relaxation of hospital dress rules is putting you at greater risk of infection.

  • Unemployment.

After 5 years living in Australia, over 90% of Muslim immigrants do not have, or want a job . Who is paying the welfare benefits for these people? You are paying. One in 6 children born in Australia is a Muslim, and yet they represent only 1.7% of the population. You are paying for more family benefits.

  • You are being misled.

Muslims are slowly changing our country - Australia - into the countries they fled from,
1.7% of the Muslim population is agressively demanding and receiving special consideration. Special Prayer rooms at work places and airports. Prayer rooms at schools, Christian religious symbols removed from hospital chapels, prayer rooms at universities, and now shopping centres. At Broadmeadows (Victoria) shopping centre Muslims want two prayer rooms, one for males and one for females. The Muslim community at Broadmeadows says 'It exemplifies how far we are establishing ourselves in the community'. For the word establishing in the above line try penetrating. Even prayer rooms at AFL football stadiums. The new Perth stadium will have a prayer room built in. No other religion demands special prayer rooms. Special Muslim toilets at Monash University and similar institutions, special swimming times or special screens at public swimming pools. Segregated lectures - 'Brothers to the front, sisters to the back' - at universities in Australia. Christmas and Easter almost ignored at schools and other centres, Anzac Day criticised as insensitive to Muslims.The Australian Curriculum Studies Association wants Islam to be embedded in every school subject. There is a motion before the UN to make any criticism of Islam illegal and punishable - that is an outright assault on our right to free speech. And so on, and so on. No other religion demands all this special treatment.
The media rarely mentions the word 'Islam' if an article is derogatory to Muslims or Islam, instead the words 'Jihadists' and 'terrorists' are used. Political correctness ensures no-one prints anything that could be seen to insult the 'Prophet', which could cause Muslims to riot. Where are articles about the slaughter of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Christians in Nigeria? Why are converts to Islam referred to by their former western names (such as David) when they have done something bad, but by their Islamic name (Daoud) if they have done something good?

Tuesday 30 July 2013

The brave new world

Aldous Huxley got it wrong. Our new Islamic world?

As encouraged by the Islamics and our socialist left, this is how it could occur if we do not resist.

  • They (the Muslims) come from a very different culture, so we must learn to adapt our systems to make it easier for them to feel comfortable and happy.
  • We must tone down our institutions like Christmas trees, carols and Easter eggs. We must be sensitive to our tradition of pride in our flag and our military. Anzac day and Afghanistan may offend them.
  • We must make our services more acceptable to them: prayer rooms at work, halal kitchens, special foods, sharia compliant medical treatment of women, separate eating areas, separate days or partitions in  swimming pools.
  • We must sympathise with the poor Palestinians, and treat the evil Israelis with caution or even segregation, divestment and hatred.
  • We must be more inclusive and  sympathise that the vast majority over 90% of Muslim immigrants, do not have a job or want one after 5 years in this country. We must understand that Muslims feel disenfranchised and commit vast amounts of crime.
  • We are at fault that many hate with a passion, us, our culture and our values.
  • We must support our leaders in apologising for all their hate and crime, it is not their fault but ours, that they feel marginalises and alienated.
What do the Muslims have to do, absolutely nothing except to take advantage of our multicultural policy of segregation, enjoy our welfare, and make no effort to accept Australian values of fairness, gender equality, freedom of speech and democracy.
  • Any criticism of Islam, even hostile glances, or anything considered Islamophobic will be illegal, punishable by jail. All this done under the auspices of various human rights commissions. The end of freedom of speech.
  • The number of islamic shops will grow in suburbs like Lakemba in NSW. They will build more and more mosques, and they will openly and aggressively promote their religion culture and Ideology.
  • They will outbreed the local population and introduce polygamy, allowing even more to live off welfare. Crime will rocket and we will pour more money into their ghettos to help the 'disenfranchised'.
  • The local population will move out of their homes in "Muslim" suburbs for fear. "Their" suburbs will become more Islamic and the non muslims will fear to enter "their" suburbs.
  • They will obtain seats on local councils, and exert more pressure for the Islamic way. Sharia law for marriage, domestic disputes and death will creep in, followed by more demanding Sharia law. Sharia finance will grow. More halal certification for everything. No drinking areas, no council Christmas signs, no Easter, no Anzac parade.
  • Men and women in segregated meeting rooms. Prayer rooms. Separate toilets for Muslims. Separate lower hygiene rules for Muslim nurses in hospitals- wash up rules relaxed- and the local population will turn a blind eye because it is their culture..
  • They will grow in numbers and  politicians particularly left wing ones, will bend over backwards to obtain their vote. We/Australia now have a federal parliamentary front bencher who is Muslim, with blatant hypocrisy he swore allegiance to Australia on the Koran.  More Sharia laws will be introduced and our laws abandoned. The rate of crime, and particularly rape will rise even further and Police and fire brigades will fear to enter "their" suburbs. This is terribly common throughout Europe, France has over 800 no go zones, called politically sensitive areas.
  • More Islamic practices will occur in Hospitals and most importantly schools. Non Muslim children will be taught "the religion of peace"  and Christian values and symbols will be removed. School texts will be vetted to ensure they comply with Sharia.
  • The so called peace loving moderate Islamics will obtain more seats in parliament. They will demand their way and we the people of Australia will bend over backwards to help these poor people assimilate, something they will not do.
  • More Sharia, our values will be bent further to accommodate sharia -Islam cannot bend- our rules, customs, values, separation of the powers, democracy, certainly freedom of speech and association, will be totally devalued. Prayers will be called from the minarets, and Imams will speak of their rights
  • As Islamisation devalues our culture, and crime is out of control, a huge brain drain will occur, as those who can will emigrate from our country.-Just like England now. It will become completely wrong not to embrace all the culture of Islam and

              Our free western lifestyle has gone, replaced by totalitarian Islam, because we did not fight.

Friday 19 July 2013

Are banks our new moral guardians?

Banks seem to think so

Are banks our new moral guardians? Many people have the opposite view, that they are morally corrupt. However two recent cases indicate that they are acting as some sort of moral or political controllers.

Earlier this year, Geert Wilders a democratically elected member of the Parliament of the Netherlands, and currently leader of the largest parliamentary party in the government of the Netherlands, visited Australia. He was invited to Australia to talk on Islam in Europe, and the European lesson for Australia.

Now many people disagree with his views, and many agree with his views, as is their respective rights. The Federal government granted him a visa to visit Australia.

Q Society the inviting body tried to open a merchant facility with Westpac Bank, in order for tickets for his talk to be sold. The bank refused to open a facility, stating that it was inappropriate.

The other day in Sydney, a fledgling right wing political party the “Party for Freedom” tried to open a merchant facility with the Commonwealth and Westpac  banks. Their request was refused, one reason given by the Commonwealth bank was ‘The type of business operation’. But ‘The party for Freedom’ is a political party, which was launched early this year, and is trying to get established. Again many will disagree with its policies, and many will agree with its policies, but it is a legal entity. I do not agree with some of the policies of the Labor and Liberal parties, but I do not propose that they cannot have a bank account. This is a democratic country.

So why then are the banks trying to determine what views are right and what views are wrong? If the body applying for a facility is illegal or banned, then they should refuse, but the two parties mentioned here are not illegal or banned, quite the contrary.

It is not the role of the banks  to interfere with democracy and the freedom of expression, nor should they attempt to influence what is ‘politically correct’ and what is not. They, of all people should not try to act as our moral guardians.

Monday 24 June 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood

Not as nice as the name infers.

Barack Obama says we must embrace the Muslim Brotherhood to support their democratic ways in the Middle East. Rudderless Kevin Rudd in Australia says we should support the Brotherhood albeit with caution. No doubt other western nations have made similar embracing comments.

Well done the Muslim Brotherhood, your strategy of establishing a world Islamic caliphate is working.

The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 in Egypt, and is arguably the most influential Islamic movement in the world.

Its founder Hassan al-Banna said: "It is the nature of Islam to dominate not to be dominated, to impose its law -Quaran, sunnah, i.e Sharia - on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet."
Their motto is "Allah is our objective. The prophet-Mohammad-is our leader. Quaran-sharia-is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."
Wikepedia says the Brotherhood seeks to isolate women and non-muslims from public life, among other objectives.
Hassan al-Banna was a devout admirer of Hitler, as was the Mufti of Jerusalem. Why many muslims are deniers of the holocaust is surprising, since they were enthusiastic supporters of Nazi Germany's plans to exterminate the Jews.

The Brotherhood created the terrorist group Hamas, and are enthusiastic supporters of Al-Quaida. Their attempted, and often successful, political assassinations caused them to be banned and suppressed in many Muslim countries. Notably Egypt, where they now rule; and Syria, where they support the rebels. When Anwar Saddat of Egypt signed the peace deal with Israel in 1979, the Brotherhood orchestrated his assassination some 2 years later. In 2012 they joined with the ultra-conservative Salafi-al-nour party to write the new Egyptian constitution. No wonder Israel is concerned, not to mention the young Egyptian liberals.

If you thought the above was grounds for concern, read on...

In an effort to appear more moderate to the West the Brotherhood removed certain bye-laws from their English language website, but left the bye-laws in the Arabic version. What do/did the bye-laws cover? - Establishing Islamic/sharia law across the world.

Now it gets worse

Brotherhood policy documents obtained some years ago by certain institutions reveal a policy of :


Recognising that Islam was not strong enough to take over the West by force, they developed a policy of 'Gradualism' - takeover from within. The policy would be to appear moderate and democratic - democracy is a total anathema to Islam - to the West. They would infiltrate the West's (specifically America's) institutions, with moderate appearing muslims, until over time they had enough influence to dominate these institutions and eventually the whole country and the world.

Gradualism is obviously working, as Barack Obama says we must embrace the Brotherhood and work with them. Dining with the devil is one way of looking at this.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a very nasty, and influential Islamic movement.

Thursday 6 June 2013

Federal Parliamentary enquiry into Multiculturalism March 2013

This is a long report as all these reports are, and typical of bureauspeak we have on the one hand this and on the other that, so continue with the present system. Therefore the writers cannot be blamed for anything in the report.

Chapter 4 covers “Religious diversity: questions about Islam”

It starts with the Scanlon Foundation Survey which is interesting:

  •          91% of respondents believe in maintaining the Australian way of life

  •         12% of migrants report of some form of discrimination in 2012, but nearly three times  31% of Muslims report some discrimination.

  •          Asylum issues now rank third in importance to respondents after the economy and government. In 2011 7%said asylum issues were their main concern, in 2012 this is now 12%

  •          23% had strong negative feelings to people from Iraq and Lebanon

  •          25% of respondents were negative to the Muslim faith

  •          40% of respondents have very or somewhat negative feelings towards Muslims. This feeling was particularly strong with older people>65yrs, lower education standards, people in financial trouble, residents of Queensland and WA, those outside capital cities and third generation Australians.

Overall Australians are at ease with religious diversity but one in four are uncomfortable with Islam.

Of the 513 submissions received for the whole report, 212 raised concerns or discussed Islam in Australia. 80% of these 212 submissions plus 30 others, maintained that Australia is a Christian country, and should not accommodate other value systems. Respondents believed that Multiculturalism in advocating respect for cultural and religious diversity, supports ethnic separation.

AFIC the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, submitted that Islamic law is changeable,( i.e. not locked in), according to the requirements of different places and times, and therefore suits the values shared by Australian people.

My comment to this is that AFIC is lying and being devious, look what has happened in Europe. The Koran the word of God and the Hadith,  cannot be changed.

The question of Halal certification was not central to the enquiry, but may warrant further investigation.

The report received submissions that Islamic immigration in Europe and Australia are different, and should not be compared. My realiastic view is grow up, Islam is Islam. However, the Tasmanian government urged caution, and that practical policies should support full social and economic participation.

There were several recommendations to continue with interfaith dialogue and support programmes but also to explain that the benefits of cultural diversity be matched with respect for Australian law and values.  Some respondents submitted  that it was marginalisation from mainstream Australia that raised the threat of terrorism not multiculturalism.

The conclusions:

Multiculturalism is an indisputable success story for Australia.

The Galbally report April 1978 “the view of post arrival programmes and services to migration” reports the vision, that multiculturalism respects diversity and fosters engagement with Australian values, identity and citizenship. Within the framework of Australian laws. My view is that this vision is irrelevant now that we have Muslim rather than Christian immigrants.

There is mention of a policy of social inclusion, rights, responsibilities, and obligations. However the report overall gives Government the option to do absolutely nothing to allay the concerns of 25% of the population, and continue with a policy of appeasement.